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A feisty group of doctors is changing everything that gets in the way of better healthcare...

The healthcare model in America is broken. At its core.


In 2021, a group of Massachusetts doctors said "enough," and built a plan that cuts out all the parts of healthcare currently driven by insurers. In the process, a lot of costs disappeared—a savings that gets passed back to employers, patients, and doctors.


Let us tell you more about it!  WATCH THE VIDEO >

Employers are broke.

We have a transparent cost model that makes a lot more sense. 

Doctors are exhausted.

We give providers the freedom to practice medicine their way. 

Patients are frustrated.

We trust patients to make smart decisions—and provide the tools to make it easy.

When everybody knows what things cost, better decisions are possible.

Reduction in healthcare costs for our clients (plus impressive five-year projections)


Net Promoter Score for employees who engage with a health guide = big satisfaction


Price transparency helps everyone get behind "best the best price"


We untangle the mess of insurer-driven healthcare.

We know that better decision-making between patients and their doctors can have a huge impact. 

And that even more savings is possible when we put "big data" to work for patients and employers—and not just for the insurance companies. 


Just watch what happens when those tools go to work for you. 


If you think your employer would be interested in offering AllaraCare, we would welcome the chance to meet with them.  Learning about us from one of their own employees can be a great "door opener" to help them offer some real choice for you and your colleagues—while

typically saving them from crippling annual cost increases as well.


Let us know how to reach the decision-makers at your workplace and we'll take it from there >


If you're tired of paying through the nose for a plan your employees only complain about—there is finally a meaningful alternative. A quick presentation shows you the huge difference when you escape an insurer-driven plan.

Run the numbers with one of our broker/consultants >


As a health plan founded by doctors, AllaraCare is uniquely positioned to understand how to restore sanity to a broken system.  When you throw off the restrictions of insurer-driven models, the rewards of practicing medicine—as you deem best—are once again yours.  


Discover "practice freedom" from doctors who've done it >

Are you ready to take back healthcare?

Do you know a great doctor, dedicated to real patient care?

AllaraCare accepts a select number of new providers into our network, on a rolling basis, built on their ability to keep patients healthy and happy.

Where nothing comes between you + better care.

+ Affordability

We’ve drastically reduced average annual healthcare increases for employers and their workers alike.

How? By eliminating the majority of the costs currently consumed by insurer administration (about 43% of total healthcare spending) along with the 30% of spending currently lost to waste.  


Plus, our model lets us dramatically lower the out-of-pocket costs for patients—allowing employers to attract and retain the best people.

AllaraCare’s approach is radically different from anything you’ve seen before.

+ Access

We've removed all barriers between doctors and patients in determining their care.


No more gatekeepers. 

No more hoops to jump. 

No more useless paperwork.


What's more, our A+ Navigators make sure everything is scheduled smoothly—with a single call or click that connects you to a person whose only priority is you. 

+ Transparency

We trust our doctors and patients to make the right decisions—armed with all of the facts, evidence, and costs. 


That's why we are open and honest keeping all parties informed. After all, 80% of the downstream cost of healthcare is determined by the decisions of primary care providers—and that's a lot of potential savings for everyone.