Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are best positioned to fulfill the healthcare needs of small businesses and seniors.
AllaraCare exists to empower PCPs to offer meaningful solutions to small businesses and seniors.

AllaraCare Solutions

AllaraCare Health Programs for Individuals, Families & Businesses

All AllaraCare solutions offer concierge member service with zero out-of-pocket costs.

$0 Primary Care 
Unlimited, same or next-day access in-person and virtual

$0 Mental Health
In-person and virtual

$0 deductible/
0% coinsurance
in our concierge network

Our health programs connect small/mid-sized employers with clinicians to deliver healthcare to employees that is: 

Affordable. We offer employers alternative health programs with $0 copay/deductibles and unlimited access to AllaraCare primary care and behavioral health clinicians both in-person and via telehealth when medically necessary.

Guided. Using high-touch customer service and tech-enabled solutions, we offer concierge-level support to all employees to help them navigate and find high-quality and affordable healthcare options.

Transparent. We support employers and their employees to better understand the true cost drivers of healthcare and how to improve overall quality while keeping healthcare affordable.

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Mom working at home with small child
Compassionate Senior Care

AllaraCare ACO Enables PCP Success in Value-Based Care (VBC)

AllaraCare is leading the way in developing state-of-the-art clinics and MSO services specializing in senior care.

A+ Clinic Capabilities:

  • House Calls
  • Transportation
  • Specialty Care Coordination
  • Patient Experience
  • Care Management
  • Medication support
  • Behavioral Health services
  • X-Rays/Bone Density
  • Remote Patient Monitoring

MSO Services for PCP VBC:

  • STAR Measures
  • HEDIS Measures
  • Patient Experience
  • Accurate Diagnostics
  • Care Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Transitions in Care
  • House Calls
  • Transportation

I’m a Medicare Beneficiary

I’m a Primary Care Provider

I’m a Medicare Advantage Program or ACO

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