Caring healthcare provider and patient

Employers deserve better options for their people

To have a solution that lets them offer solid healthcare benefits—without the runaway costs that currently cripple their growth. Conventional insurance models make a mystery out of pricing, at the cost of quality care and choice.

AllaraCare gives everyone—patients, doctors, and employers—greater personal control over healthcare spending.

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Who says you have to suffer another year of costly healthcare and unhappy employees?
This whitepaper explains how our current systems went wrong—and what’s now required for employers to find real relief.

Make this your last awful year!
Discover proven strategies for creating a better system that improves the cost/value equation and boosts employee satisfaction.

Fixing a very broken system

Today's healthcare industry is chronically ill and needlessly complex. Information and support are virtually nonexistent. And even in the cases where people have options, they struggle to evaluate providers and treatment options using criteria like "What will this cost?"

We think it's crazy to deny people the kind of information they'd demand before deciding on any other type of major purchase, let alone one as important as their health.

25% delayed treatment
50% confused about health plan coverage

1 in 4 Americans have put off needed care due to cost

50% of patients neglected needed care due to confusing plans

Turnkey healthcare solutions to rein in runaway costs.

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Real cost savings for employers—up to 30% per year

We get these results by taking advantage of all the "levers" proven to cut unnecessary expenses, while improving patient experiences and quality care:

  • Use proven high-value providers
  • Keep people healthier in the first place
  • Attack fraud, waste, and excess administration costs

Service and freedom that employees appreciate

Employers will recognize all the elements of a traditional health plan, but with a lot more opportunity to keep employees satisfied—and serious cost-savings opportunities—year over year.

If we look "under the hood," our financial model is basically a level-funded plan. That means employers pay a fixed monthly premium (aka “maximum plan cost”) that is 100% capped. What's more, a stop-loss policy is built into your plan to protect against catastrophic healthcare expenses.

everything you need & more

National or Open Access provider network options

Lower-cost pharmacy options

Concierge-level member support

Independent Third-Party Administrator

Protective stop-loss coverage

Year-round access to claims data

Based on industry data, level-funded plans:

pay less

Can cost 18-20% less than older fully insured plans


Can help healthier groups pay lower premiums


Can provide significant annual surpluses (rebates) for many employers


Can support 100% price transparency; "best care at the best price"

Even more benefits...

Customized solutions for employers

Your company has unique coverage needs, which is why AllaraCare offers flexible, customized solutions to help offset the longtime chokehold of confusion, cost and frustration associated with everything that isn't working in our current healthcare system. We are 100% independent in creating our plans.


Our A+ Navigators

Being ignored or de-prioritized feels horrible. AllaraCare's health guides (called "A+ Navigators") carefully attend to each member—providing concierge-style service and helping people quickly get the care they need. They help people understand their plan and what they're getting—upfront. With honest compassion, discretion, and privacy.


Unbiased Rx benefits programs

Our transparent, independent, pharmacy benefits management (PBM) program flies in the face of older models—by examining all the options for getting better pharmaceutical value (including international sourcing, and proactive enrollment in manufacturers' prescription-assistance programs).


Evidence-based data to benefit everyone

We analyze a lot of data to guide members toward providers who deliver the greatest healthcare value (as measured by quality and cost). By making it easier to "shop," we help everyone make better-informed, decisions—simplifying healthcare while reducing costs.


Ongoing, "whole-person" wellbeing

Our model focuses on proven team-based, personalized care (including behavioral health) that leads to better management of chronic disease, promotes total wellbeing, and prevents costly complications.

AllaraCare is...

An ACA-compliant
healthcare solution

Available to employers
with 25+ employees

Available in
all 50 states

What A+ means for...

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A+ Navigators—a single point of contact to help with:
  • Easy, proactive support in maintaining optimal health
  • Patient advocacy and service coordination with providers
  • Fast answers to any program questions (benefits, billing, etc.)
Transparent guidance on all possible ways to keep costs down
  • Lower-cost medications
  • Finding high-quality/low-cost options for great care

Learn more about the A+ experience

A+ Navigators are available through an easy-to-use app
Close Open Employers
HR looking at data
  • Dedicated benefits management
  • One-stop reporting, support, and guidance
  • Enhanced ability to attract and retain employees
  • Avoid crushing, year-over-year cost increases
  • Dedicated resources to keep everyone as healthy as possible

See how Employers are reversing costly healthcare trends with AllaraCare

Here's what real members are saying...
""While vacationing out of state, I sustained a late-night injury. I chatted my A+ Navigator through the app to see where I could go that would be covered under my plan. Instantly she texted back, asking if I was OK. Then she asked the zip code of our location. In minutes, Estelle sent me five nearby facilities that could handle my injury. She also provided the costs for each place. Just having her there allowed us to have a much more relaxing vacation!”
-Brittany Z., AllaraCare Member

Ready to feel good about healthcare again?

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