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It's time to take back the practice of medicine.

We don't mean to rub it in, but provider practices have been getting the short end of the healthcare stick for a long time now.


And it's not much better for your patients. We can help you get back to the reason you got into medicine in the first place—to take care of patients the way you see fit. 
If that sounds appealing, welcome to the revolution!

We're a group of Massachusetts providers ready to help you take back the practice of healthcare—without the nonsense imposed by insurance-driven systems.

Change how doctors are paid...and for what.

Our direct-compensation model gives you the freedom to practice medicine as you've always wanted—while ensuring predictable income that's typically double that of old models. No more overwhelming admin burden, fickle reimbursements or micro-management.


Employers pay a flat monthly membership fee to you for enhanced access to primary care without worry of co-pays or deductibles.


Another of the "secret weapons" used in AllaraCare's mission to drive down the costs of delivering great care is our A+ Navigators who help you and your patients stay in-step with care decisions.

(It’s simpler than you think once you remove insurance.)

Picture Your Future

Improve your compensation

The AllaraCare model is not "HMO redux." You'll be responsible for the health of a panel that's typically 1/3 the size of today's PCP volumes—with per-patient per-month revenues that can be more than double that of current models.

Reclaim more of your time

Providers today spend about 44% of their time on clerical duties, leaving less time for highly personalized patient care. AllaraCare's entire approach is designed to relieve our affiliated providers of non-clinical duties and red tape.

Stop the madness

AllaraCare eliminates the majority of insurer-driven headaches including:

  • P4P Metrics

  • Unreasonable Documentation

  • Office Visit Requirements

Picture your patients' future

A single point of contact relieves them (and your practice) of significant administrative burden and education/care management tasks.


AllaraCare helps your practice leverage a team of highly-trained health guides, called "A+ Navigators," to help with things like medication reminders, management/coaching for chronic conditions, etc.  But these navigators are working for you, acting on your orders and preferences, not an insurer's.

Let's Talk

Declare your independence!

If you're ready to get out from under the thumb of big health, AllaraCare can smooth the way. Ask to meet with our assessment team to discover what your precise revenue implications might be, and learn how painless AllaraCare's thoughtful on-boarding team can make it to add AllaraCare your practice.