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Healthcare costs are crippling you, but until now, all you could do was suffer the annual increases. In 2021, a group of Massachusetts doctors said "enough," and built a plan, AllaraCare, that cuts out the part of healthcare costs that's driven by insurer administration (about 43% of the pie) along with the 30% currently lost to waste. That savings is instead passed on to you and your employees in the form of reduced out-of-pocket costs and end-of-the-year rebates.

Employees receive a better level of care—supported by convenience-centered communications with a highly trained health guide—their dedicated A+ Navigator

Going broke with a broken system. 

It's time for a BIG change.

AllaraCare saves you big time.

AllaraCare focuses on reducing the 30% waste and 43% insurance and administrative costs that consume healthcare today. And we provide full transparency on the real cost of care for your employees to help identify even more opportunities for cooperative savings.

AllaraCare helps employees love their health plan.

Statistics from the western US, show that employees are eager to embrace plans that adopt AllaraCare's approach. Employee satisfaction goes through the roof, borne out by facts like this: In year one of open enrollment, 10-15% of employees chose a direct-pay plan. In year two, adoption rose to 80%.


Employees talk. And word about things like zero out-of-pocket expenses starts to get around.


Employers see what they're paying for coverage. And patients learn to appreciate what it really costs for services (like an unnecessary trip to the ER) because they're informed of those costs.


Our A+ Navigators make it easy for patients and their doctors to make informed decisions by coordinating care at the most effective (and cost-efficient) locations.

AllaraCare delivers radical transparency + tech-driven efficiency.

We peel back the old mystery around the real costs of downstream services.
Is AllaraCare a good fit for you?

Healthcare costs are a top target for business owners of all sizes—but especially those in the 50-500 employee range, who are struggling under unsustainable increases.


The current cost/value model of insurer-driven healthcare is ludicrous, crippling employers and often leaving their employees dissatisfied. The AllaraCare model re-directs wasted spending and overblown administrative costs into a plan—based on true transparency—that makes a lot more sense, drives real patient satisfaction, and, we believe, leads to better care.

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When everybody knows what everything costs—better decisions are possible.