Traditional insurance products are no longer a viable option for most small and mid-sized businesses.

AllaraCare offers small/mid-sized businesses a new PCP-centered solution.
AllaraCare is NOT a health insurance company, but we ARE the only PCP-led health plan in Massachusetts to offer:


$0 primary care – unlimited, same or next day access in person and online

behavioral health

$0 mental health – 
in-person and online


$0 deductible/ 
0% coinsurance in our concierge network

All members receive free and unlimited access to AllaraCare primary care offices and telehealth.

We offer employers 3 options to access affordable, high-quality care.

Instead of accepting double-digit renewal increases every year, employers can save 20–40% on their medical spend, improve quality of care and member experience, and offer employees $0 copays and deductibles.

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1. A+ Complete

A+ Complete offers a fully customizable health plan solution unique to your company's and employees’ needs. 

  • HSA and HRA compatible
  • Wide-ranging provider access through a national network
  • Lower-cost prescription drugs 
  • Zero out-of-pocket costs for AllaraCare primary care services
  • Concierge-level service for all members 
  • As with all of our solutions, members have free access to AllaraCare clinics and telehealth sessions.
  • 80% of all savings are allocated to the employer and save employees on their cost-sharing.

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2. A+ Concierge Connector

For employers looking to transition employees to the Mass Connector, A+ Concierge Connector helps you support your employees all the way through the process. 

First, we help employees select and enroll in the Connector product that makes the most sense for them and their families. 

Once enrolled, members have access to A+ Navigator services for help accessing the most affordable care options within the plan.

Access to great care without hitting high-deductibles. All employees will obtain AllaraCare membership which includes $0 copay and deductible visits to AllaraCare clinics, PCPs, and telehealth sessions.

3. A+ Navigate

For employers struggling with their existing fully-insured health plan, A+ Navigate can help. 

The A+ Navigate solution wraps around your fully-insured plan to offer your employees concierge-level service for help accessing the most affordable care options within the plan.

All employees also save on out-of-pocket costs with their AllaraCare membership, which includes $0 copay and deductible visits to AllaraCare clinics, AllaraCare PCPs, and telehealth sessions.

PCPs ease patient care journeys and lower costs by managing 80-90% of healthcare needs.

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