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We treat our members like grownups—who understand that healthcare decisions have cost implications.

The good news for everyone is that healthy people cost less to cover—so it's in everyone's interest to make sure you receive the best care, proven to keep you well! And making those decisions is what drives your out-of-pocket expenses way down—(as close to zero as we can possibly get.)

The AllaraCare network is made up of providers (doctors, specialists, labs, etc.) all carefully chosen based on reputations for high quality and excellent patient satisfaction.

Seeing them is easy, with the help of your A+ Navigator, a personal health guide, who is always available with one call or one click.

Ask your employer.

Does AllaraCare sound like a great plan for your company? Let your employers know about how we can help employees escape the confusion of insurer-driven healthcare and get back to a simple, trusting relationship with their healthcare providers.

Nominate your doctor.

Do you have a great doctor who you'd like to continue to see as an AllaraCare member? We are looking to expand our network of providers who are committed to delivering great patient care.

Why should anything stand in between you + your healthcare?

What if doctors, hospitals, and health plans were 100% open with you about what it takes (and what it really costs) to deliver healthcare? In 2021, a group of Massachusetts doctors built a plan, AllaraCare, that brings doctors and patients together—without a big insurance company in the middle.

We work with you to lower your out-of-pocket costs everywhere possible.